System Security

Depending on the application, the 3T system offers up to fourteen levels of security:

  • No Access
  • Guest User
  • General User
  • Power User
  • Supervisor Level I
  • Supervisor Level II
  • Supervisor Level III
  • Manager Level I
  • Manager Level II
  • Manager Level III
  • Executive Level I
  • Executive Level II
  • Executive Level III
  • System Administrator

The extent of the access for each security level is determined by the Customer needs and specifications.

Individual users will log onto the system with a personalized password, adding to the security features listed above.

When issuing money orders at the store level, there is one level of security. There are four levels of security for all other functions, i.e. payroll, vendor payments, gift certificates, and lottery proceeds.

Document Security

The 3T Document Stock offers the following six features:

  • Void Pantograph - Inhibits reproduction by printing “VOID” on the check area when the copy is made.
  • Heat Reactive Ink - Unique ink square that changes color when heat is applied. Cannot be duplicated as ink is applied during check stock printing.
  • Micro Printing - Used for Borders and Signature lines to prevent scanning and copying.
  • Fluorescent Fibers - Visible only under ultra-violet light. Fluorescent fibers cannot be photocopied or scanned, ensuring authenticity.
  • Artificial Watermark - Printed on back of document (hold document at angle to light source to view). Resists photocopying and scanning while adding distinction to document.
  • Chemical Reactive - Stains appear anywhere high or low polarity solvents, oxidants, acids, or alkalis are used to alter writing. This provides tampering evidence.