Secure Document Solutions

Issue, track and reconcile any type of secure document at much higher profitability than before.

3T’s secure document solutions are ideal for convenience stores, supermarkets, check cashing stores, and banks/financial institutions.   Across the board, 3T’s computerized system streamlines your operations, upgrades your security, cuts administrative time and cost, and reveals new ways to earn profit.

Secure Documents Include:

Capturing the Hidden Profit in Secure Documents

Until now, the secure document operation has not been viewed as a profit center.  Rather, secure documents like money orders, gift certificates, and remote payroll checks have been considered support services or loss leaders, part of the cost of doing business.  Most assumed there were only two alternatives: outsource their secure document processing to a third-party provider and give up both control and income; or, keep the work in-house and contend with cumbersome administration.

However, due to technological advances, there is now a third choice.  Companies can gain significant, steady profit from secure documents. Companies can earn more income without assuming costly administration by choosing an automated internal system.  Advanced laser printing-on-demand technology and proprietary software now enable companies of any size to issue, track and reconcile secure documents with higher efficiency and security.

Cash Flow

Create strong cash flow by owning your own secure document operation. 3T’s solution leads to a significant increase in daily float amount per location and thus enhanced cash flow.

Net Profit

You own your float and escheat – and thus make more money.  Many third-party providers pay their company clients only a portion of the fee income and no income on the float.  With 3T, you retain ownership of both float income and escheat (abandoned property) service charges and thus maximize earning power through strategic cash management.  

By cutting administrative time and cost, you expand profit.  3T streamlines document processing by cutting out manual steps and automating data acquisition. 3T’s system issues, tracks and reconciles each document with minimal staff involvement. These savings drop straight to your bottom line.

Fee Income

You retain all per-item service fees and all escheat fee income.
On average, one percent of money orders are abandoned each month and 15 percent of gift certificates go unredeemed. 3T’s technology allows companies to keep all per-item service fees and also gain significant revenue from abandoned property service charges (escheat). 

Payroll Cost Savings

Save on delivery and logistical costs for payroll by using 3T’s secure technology to issue payroll checks at remote locations.

With 3T’s automated payroll system, a time/date-stamped file is issued from the corporate office on the night before payday and transmitted electronically to all stores. On payday, the store manager enters his or her password, and all of the paychecks and stubs are laser-printed on blank safety stock at the store level. 

Eliminating pre-printed stock saves at least one half of paper cost per location each year, and delivery costs are eliminated completely.

Fraud Prevention

Minimize theft and fraud with 3T’s blank safety paper usage, secure laser printers, and up to four levels of password protection.  Moreover, daily electronic tracking and reconciliation uncover fraud attempts immediately rather than 30-45 days after the fact as is typical with outsourced providers. 

Many companies see a reduced Employee Dishonesty Insurance deductible.

Ease of Operation

No additional staff is required

Simple and easy-to-use custom software and hardware.

The program includes complete installation, training, system maintenance, and 24x7 toll-free support.