Remote Payroll

Many employees in the supermarket and convenience store industry do not have checking accounts. Consequently, efficient systems such as direct deposit of payroll checks are not an option for retailers, who must often rely on expensive courier services instead.  Even with direct deposit the retailer must still provide the employee with their payroll advice.

These monetary and logistical costs are eliminated with 3T’s automated remote payroll function. 

Payroll Check

How It Works

Paychecks and stubs are laser-printed on blank safety stock at the store level.

Companies may even include human resource messages to all employees.


By using the new secure technology to issue payroll checks at remote locations, companies save on overnight delivery costs for payroll. And eliminating pre-printed stock will save at least one half of paper cost per location each year.

“The integration feature allows us to print remote payroll and vendor checks adding substantial cost savings to the organization,” says Sandra Brimhall, Vice President of Information Technology for Stripes. 

Additional Solutions from 3T

Learn more about other secure document solutions from 3T including money orders, gift certificates and vendor checks. For additional information, send us a message or call us at 1-800-814-4431.