How It Works

At the heart of the 3T’s system is adaptable software that functions with either PCs or POS equipment, specifically the 3T STAR Mini-PC. When an authorized user keys the correct password and enters the amount, the software drives a custom laser printer to issue the document. At the same time, it records the data in the company’s relational database for completely automated tracking and reconciliation. Electronic links between remote sites and the central office assure timely communication, and the system produces critical management reports each day.

Documents are printed on secure blank paper with fraud prevention features including chemical and heat reactive inks, void pantograph, artificial watermark, microprinting, thermography and fluorescent fibers.  Specially formulated MICR toner assures readability and acceptance of the items for clearance. The custom-designed compact laser printers are ideal for small retail spaces where every inch of counter space has to pay its way.

The 3T Total Solution has many security advantages over the 3rd party money order companies.

  • There is no pre-printed stock involved when issuing money orders. All of the paper is blank and the system generates the entire money order when entered by an authorized user.  No more having to worry about pre-printed money order stock in the store.
  • All of the functions on the system are password protected. You will know at any time who issued a money order, at a specific time and a specific location.  You can also place limits on individual users on how much they can issue and what type of functions they can use on the machine.