Getting Started

If you own 15 or more retail store locations, 3T offers a truly turnkey solution to secure document management that can be customized for your business in 90 days. 

With the 3T Total Solution today:

  • You choose between purchasing or leasing equipment and software
  • Reconciliation, funding and customer service calls handled by 3T
  • Once licensed & bonded, client keeps short term float, long term float as well as abandoned property service charges (escheat)
  • Temporary Program: As a client you partner with one of our partner banks/financial institutions – there's no licensing, no bonding, no waiting – and you can immediately begin issuing money orders through the 3T system. It's a quick process and you keep 100% of money order charges. 3T handles all account reconciliation, funding and customer service calls.

3T Temporary Program

  • Permanent Program: Your organization is/becomes licensed and bonded to issue money orders in your states of operation (3T assists with this), giving you three streams of income: 100% money order charge, 100% interest income from float, and 100% account service charges for dormant money orders. 3T handles all account reconciliation services.

3T Permanent Program

  • For more information or to request a consultation, please send us a message or call us now at 1-800-814-4431.