3T's Financial Center Kiosk


Nothing drives traffic and revenue, like check-to-cash!

Retailers have asked for it, and 3T has delivered! Operators know how profitable check cashing is and that it is also a great traffic driver. When you cash a customer's check you become their first stop on payday. Rather than going to a check cashing/payday loan store and then your competitor, you become their first stop when they get paid. This generates a brand new revenue stream, with an impressive ROI, and increases in-store sales. However, the issue has always been the same, too much employee involvement and handling of cash. The 3T Financial Center Kiosk eliminates these concerns while guaranteeing all checks (payroll, government, handwritten payroll, even PERSONAL and two party checks), eliminating all risk for the retailer. Your customers love it because the fees are much less than those at a payday loan store. By combining check-to-cash and check-to-card with prepaid cards, electronic bill pay and wire transfer, you will have a full service financial center with no employee involvement. This frees up your employees to perform their core responsibility which is servicing your customers in your core business. Additionally, your Anti-Money Laundering requirement are greatly reduced. Finally, the 3T Financial Center Kiosk can dually function as an ATM. Learn more, check the schedule below and sign up  for our comprehensive webinars.


Kiosk Services 


Kiosk Features

  • High resolution LCD touchscreen display 
  • "Know your customer" features
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Anchored to the floor